International Fact Finding and Advocacy Mission to Nepal: 23-27 February 2012

Since 2007, Nepal has been governed under an interim constitution which is currently being revised. To ensure a sound legal environment for the country’s media in the future, a group of organisations called the “International Media Mission to Nepal”, of which IMS is a member, has published its analysis on how to move forward.

Visiting Nepal in February 2012 the International Media Mission found that the legal frameworks for media in the country’s proposals for a revision of its constitution did not live up to international standards.

The International Media Mission (officially “The International Fact Finding and Advocacy Media Mission to Nepal”) is comprised of fifteen international organisations, including global media associations, freedom of expression groups, media development organisations and UNESCO. The Mission visited Nepal from 23 to 27 February 2012 to assess the media freedom situation in the country.

The International Mission originally came together to advocate for respect for freedom of expression and of the media in Nepal in response to the repressive measures put in place during the period of the Royal Coup in 2005, and to express solidarity with local media and media and freedom of expression groups during this period. With the restoration of democracy in 2006, and the opening up of opportunities for positive reform, the Mission shifted its focus to include providing support for reform efforts.