Our board

IMS is governed by a board according to the statutes of the organisation and headed by Mr Jesper Højberg, Executive Director.

Members of the Board

Mr Andrew Puddephat
Chairman of the Board, Executive Chair, Advisory Board, Global Partners Digital, United Kingdom

Ms Ann-Magrit Austenå
Secretary General, Norwegian Organisation for Asylum Seekers, Norway

Mr Jens Otto Kjær Hansen
Principal, Danish School of Media and Journalism, Denmark

Ms Tine Johansen
Vice-president, The Danish Union of Journalists, Denmark

Mr Gene Kimmelman
President and CEO, Public Knowledge, Georgetown University, United States

Mr Lars Møller
Journalist and media consultant, Denmark

Mr Edetean Ojo
Executive Director, Media Rights Agenda, Nigeria

Ms Charlotte Flindt Pedersen
Director, Danish Foreign Policy Society, Denmark

Mr Holger Rosendal
Head of Legal Department, The Association of Danish Media, Denmark