Working in partnerships

We seek to make development assistance more efficient

IMS enjoys close partnerships with both local media actors and international media development and human rights organisations across the world. Working together can help to ensure that media development assistance efforts are moving in the same direction, thereby ensuring greater impact.

Harmonisation, alignment and accountability

Partnerships between international media development organisations contribute to harmonisation, alignment and accountability of media support efforts. Our close cooperation with local media and media support organisations is a means to further national ownership and decision-making in a country’s media development process. Read more about the principles behind this approach in the Paris Declaration and Accra Agenda for Action.

A number of partnership activities have taken place since 2003, but partnerships was formally cemented under the title of International Media Partnerships at an International Partnerships meeting in Copenhagen in 2009. The process of increasing the collaboration between media support organisations across the world to secure greater harmonisation of what has often been fragmented and competitive action is now well underway.




How we work

A broad media sector approach

All elements of a media sector must be addressed to achieve free, professional media

Political contexts

We constantly adapt the type of work we do to the political contexts we work in

Working in partnerships

We seek to make development assistance more efficient

Rapid Response: Media in crises

We support local media in conflicts and crises to survive and continue operating